VISEC-modules for high-performance dosing-systems

For bonding, sealing, filling, casting, process-controlled dosing

Stators and rotor

Developed for precise dosing of highly viscous liquids by high-end dispenser-systems. VISEC-products are prepared for conveying proportional to rotation-speed with high repeat accuracy, in connection with abrasive media.

VISEC Made in Germany by SEC

Made in Germany by SEC

Proven elastomer compounds, developed by SEC, ensure the high quality of VISEC-stators. Your advantage: very low wear in permanent operation due to highest chemical and thermal resistance of rubber. For more than 30 years, the combination of rubber with other materials has been the core competence of SEC.

Micro-stators and rotor
units micro

Suitable for process-controlled, pulsation-free micro dosing-techniques. Modules of VISEC are qualified for highly precise and material-efficient dosing of a great variety of media in smallest quantity.