The VISEC Plus system.
Reduces costs and time.

Different VISEC stators and VISEC rotor units can be used for a specific dosing pump type. Design adaptations of the pumps to the required stators and rotor units with sometimes complex conversions are no longer necessary.

The advantages:

Production processes become faster and more efficient.
 Customers are able to react flexibly to the requirements of their markets.

The VISEC Plus system is unique in the market for "high-performance metering systems".

Stator D03 micro
Stator VISEC D03 micro
Rotor UD03
Rotor unit VISEC UD03 micro
Stator D15 micro
Stator VISEC D15 micro
Rotor UD15
Rotor unit VISEC UD15 micro
Stator D45 micro
Stator VISEC D45 micro
Rotor UD45
Rotor unit VISEC UD45 micro
Stator D60 micro
Stator VISEC D60 micro
Rotor UD60
Rotor unit VISEC UD60 micro
Stator D70 micro
Stator VISEC D70 micro
Rotor UD70
Rotor unit VISEC UD70 micro
Stator 3R8
Stator VISEC 3R8
Rotor UR8
Rotor unit VISEC UR8
Stator 3R10
Stator VISEC 3R10
Rotor UR10
Rotor unit VISEC UR10
Stator 3R12
Stator VISEC 3R12
Rotor UR12
Rotor unit VISEC UR12

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