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20. June 2022

Simplifies production processes: The VISEC Plus system

With the VISEC Plus system, it is possible to use different VISEC Stators and Rotor units in one particular metering pump type. Due to the identical external dimensions of the components, it is therefore not necessary to make a design adaptation for each dosing volume.

For example, in the field of micro dosing, Stators and Rotor units of three different sizes (D03 micro, D15 micro and D45 micro) can be used in one and the same pump housing. This means that a metering volume of 0.003 ml/rev to 0.05 ml/rev can be covered for this type of pump.

This makes production processes faster and more efficient. Operators are able to react flexibly to the requirements of their markets and can save costs at the same time.

The VISEC Plus system is unique in the market for "high-performance dispensing systems".





23. March 2022

Trade mark registration in GB and Northern Ireland.

Since the withdrawal agreement between the EU and the UK came into force on 1 February 2020 (Agreement on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, Official Journal of the European Union 2019/C384 I/01), the UK is in any case no longer a member of the EU.

It was therefore all the more important to register and thus protect the VISEC trademark in the UK and Northern Ireland.

VISEC was registered as a trade mark with effect from 21/09/2021 and finally entered in the register on 04/02/2022.

VISEC stands for precision, high quality and reliability. With these values we will continue to exploit the market potential in the UK and Northern Ireland in the future.







10. March 2022

The VISEC R-series is expanded.

The VISEC R series is being expanded with the new 3R12 Stator and the corresponding UR12 Rotor unit. With a flow rate of 2.00 to 240 ml/min, this Stator-Rotor combination is prepared for a wide range of applications.

In the development of this new size, it was particularly important that this system can be used both in the area of dosing and in the area of drum emptying. A high volumetric output is achieved with the best precision.

Especially in the field of dosing technology, very high precision is a prerequisite for an efficient and error-free process. With a repeat accuracy of over 99%, VISEC customers can fully rely on a smooth dosing process.

No matter in which areas the new "VISEC 3R12" is used, it convinces with precision, the usual VISEC quality, reliability and a high volumetric performance.






01. February 2022

Happy New Year.

We wish our Chinese business partners and customers a successful and good year 2022 - The Year of the Tiger.

Among other things, the tiger stands for strength, ambition, self-realization and courage.

We would also like to take these qualities with us into the new year in order to further strengthen our good business relations in China and to achieve further joint successes.






17. December 2021

VISEC wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022.

Especially in these turbulent times, we all appreciate the special value of reliable partnerships.

We would like to thank all customers and business partners for the trusting and successful cooperation this year and send you our warmest Christmas greetings this way.

We wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas season, good health and all the best for 2022!





23. June 2021

The perfect addition to the D-series

The new stator in the D-series convinces with an even smaller dosing volume than the previously smallest stator "VISEC D15 micro". With a minimum dispensing volume of approx. 0.00025 ml and a dispensing volume of approx. 0.003 ml per revolution, the new stator "VISEC D03 micro" perfectly complements and expands the VISEC product range in the field of micro dispensing technology. No other PCP system on the market is able to dispense these extremely small quantities.

Due to the special development of the stator-rotor system, a comparatively high pressure can be generated. This means that these very small quantities can be metered proportionally to the angle of rotation and without pulsation. With a repeatability of more than 99%, customers can rely on precise dosing from low- to high-viscosity media.

The new "VISEC D03 micro" stator has identical external dimensions to the two "VISEC D15 micro" and "D45 micro" stators. In combination with the respective matching rotor unit, these systems can be used in a modular way. With one and the same pump environment, it is thus possible to cover a wide range of metering volumes. This makes it possible to react flexibly and quickly to constantly changing market requirements.

No matter in which area of micro dispensing technology - whether in the production of electronic components, in optics and photonics, for plant manufacturers or in the field of application technology - the new "VISEC D03 micro" convinces with high quality, reliability and efficiency.




15. March 2021

Continuous improvement guaranteed - renewed certification according to ISO 9001:2015

With the renewed certification according to ISO 9001:2015, we prove once again that we continuously improve our products and processes.

In order to meet the high expectations of our customers, we have our quality, our qualification and our production processes regularly tested and monitored by an internationally recognized company - DQS.

With ISO 9001 certification, we guarantee our customers and partners services at the highest quality level and maximum process reliability.

In the area "Download / Service" you can download the latest certificate as PDF file in English.



26. January 2021

VISEC as a strong brand.

Since the launch of the VISEC product line in March 2019, it has already established itself as an independent brand. Since January 03, 2021, VISEC is now also officially registered as a trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office and thus protected.

The VISEC brand stands for high quality, reliability and precision. Taking these values into account, the products around the VISEC brand are constantly being further developed. In this way, the high demands of the market can be met and customers can rely on the best quality when purchasing a VISEC product.


16. December 2020

VISEC wishes you a Merry Christmas.

What a crazy year it has been. Corona has turned a lot of things upside down. However, it showed us that the crisis also makes us stronger. With our combined strength, we overcame the challenges and made the best of the situation.

Thank you for remaining loyal to us in this difficult year!

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year.


30. June 2020

The newcomer in the microdosing technology family.

With a dosing volume of 0.01 cc per rotation and a minimum dosing quantity of 0.0008 cc, the new stator "VISEC D15 micro" is the smallest in the D-series. With the specially developed elastomer compound "hi-tec", this stator is perfectly prepared for the exact delivery of a wide range of media under extreme conditions. The developed SEC formulation is, in addition to conveying oils, silicones and methyl acrylates, especially suitable for conveying cyanoacrylates.

Even before its market launch, the smallest unit was able to convince in practice with its high-precision, pulsation-free and material-friendly metering.

In combination with the perfectly matched rotor unit "VISEC UD15 micro", constant and precise dosing is possible. The thin and highly resistant elastomer compound "hi-tec" from SEC also provides optimum protection for this rotor unit, while at the same time ensuring flexibility of the rotor shaft.

The external dimensions of the new "VISEC D15 mirco" stator are identical to those of the "VISEC D45 micro". This allows to work with these two different sizes in the same pump. This creates flexibility within the production process and allows easy expansion of the possible dosing quantities.

For further information please refer to the product data sheets in the "Download / Service" section.

Exhibition China:

Visit our partner "VISEC/XIAMEN-TECHNOLOGY" at the productronica in Shanghai, China from July 03 to 05, 2020. Here you can inform yourself about all VISEC products and look forward to the product presentation of the new "D15 micro". 


02. April 2020

We are here for you.

The health and safety of our employees, business partners and customers is our top priority. Therefore, due to the worsening corona pandemic, we have taken measures to prevent the spread of the virus as far as possible.

Nevertheless we are still available for you.

We are at your disposal as a reliable partner for all inquiries. In compliance with the important and necessary hygiene regulations, our services are still available to you.


03. February 2020

ISO 9001 : 2015

In order to meet the dynamic requirements of global competition, it is important to constantly increase efficiency and reduce costs.

By applying a quality management system, we ensure that SEC Compounds GmbH is continuously developing and attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Therefore we were certified again according to ISO 9001 : 2015 in January 2020.

In the area "Download / Service" you can download the certificate as PDF file in English.

25. January 2020

To further success in 2020.

We wish our Chinese partners and customers a successful year 2020 - health and good luck in the Year of the Rat.

Last year we were able to further expand our partnership with our Chinese cooperation partner VISEC (XIAMEN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Due to the close cooperation we could already achieve success on the expanding Chinese market.

In 2020 we would like to further strengthen this successful cooperation in order to meet the customer requirements on the Chinese market.


18. December 2019

SEC wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Time has passed much too quickly.

Therefore we would like to pause for a moment at Christmas time and thank all our customers and business partners for the successful cooperation.

We wish you a happy holiday season and a successful and healthy start into the new year.

18. October 2019

VISEC shows colours on the Chinese Market

The VISEC sales partner XIAMEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD in XIAMEN-City and the headquarter of SEC in Germany decided to cooperate even closer: With effect of October 7th, 2019, the name of the newly founded company is „VISEC/XIAMEN- TECHNOLOGY”, the official sales partner for VISEC stators and rotors.

For the distribution of VISEC stators and rotors on the expanding Chinese market this is a further dynamic impulse. SEC is now able to follow the interests of Chinese customers and the trends in China even closer and can react faster to specific requirements.

Both companies, SEC and VISEC/XIAMEN TECHNOLOGY now have good basic conditions for a successful involvement in China.

VISEC UD45 micro - Rotor-Unit

VISEC UR10 - Rotor-Unit

31. September 2019

SEC starting Rotor Unit Program

SEC now offers precise VISEC Rotor units matching the VISEC Stators R- and D-series precisely. Our VISEC modules are the necessary precondition for a process-optimized increase of productivity – for example, by reducing setup times and improving the repeatability for high demands – also during long-term operation.

A special quality feature for permanent accurate application is the high-resistant elastomer compound “hi-per”, protecting the flexible shaft of the Rotor Unit efficiently.

VISEC Rotor Units are made in Germany on our premises and are subjected to strict quality control tests.

25. July 2019

Made to suit miniaturization of production processes

Miniaturization is the key to the future of automation. One of the main driving force in this direction is the electronic industry. The challenge for innovative bonding technology on minimum space is increasing constantly.

This trend began a few years ago with progressive evolution, which was one of the main reasons for SEC Compounds GmbH to bring stators and rotors of the VISEC D series for micro-dispensers to the market. Before introducing the modules D45 micro and D60 micro to the market, they proved their reliability after intensive testing with high-viscosity media.

The VISEC micro stators reach under extreme conditions and continuous use with short cycle operation times and minimal material quantities highest process reliabilities – with almost loss-free reproducibility.

In this context, the SEC elastomer compounds "hi-pro" and "hi-per" in the stators have a very essential function to ensure the quality. The especially designed SEC recipes for these compounds are prepared for accurate conveyance of adhesives, epoxy resins or heat-conducting paste with minimum wear of the stator. The VISEC components of the D series with minimal geometries give a significant contribution to this high productivity in different applications.

31. May 2019

High acceptance of stators and rotors of VISEC R-series

After the launch in March 2019, SEC Compounds GmbH registered a clearly positive response in the high-performance market for the VISEC 3R8 and 3R10 series adhesive technology.
Various customers have already successfully completed tests on our stators in conjunction with dispensers under operating conditions. First contracts are being concluded.

This success is based on the high degree of flexibility which stands for the VISEC stators and rotors while dosing with the highest volumetric accuracy. Even complex geometries in the smallest possible design can be realized with VISEC for dosing smallest quantities starting from 0,03cc.

It shows already that plant manufacturers and users have waited for these start-up products of the VISEC R-series -as an alternative to existing offers on the market- to concretise sustainable economic solutions.

On her production site in Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg, is SEC well prepared to develop individual components within a short period of time and to provide requested high quantities in constant top quality.

04. March 2019

VISEC starts with high pressure

The market for dosing technology of highly viscous media has been clearly expansive in the last years. SEC Compounds GmbH, based in Kirchheim/Teck and leading manufacturer of rubber compounds for stators – the most important mechanical component of dispenser-systems – have been continuously observing this trend of a growing demand.

Beginning of March 2019 SEC launched their own program of stators and rotors under the brand name VISEC, designated for the international market. To start up, one series in each the standard- and the micro-segment is beeing offered.

Optimistic projections for SEC derive in particular from the longstanding expertise in technology-relevant elastomer compounds (hi-pro and hi-per), used in stators and being the key to their high reliability in permanent operation in a wide range of applications. With their solutions to the ever changing requirements of the market, SEC have successfully taken on all challenges and facilitated progress.

Seen from this angle, it’s an obvious step next to the standardized VISEC-series, the main focus of SEC lies in the development of customized solutions. Practice shows that especially multi-functionality, changed geometries of dispensers or new materials lay down new requirements for the innovation of stators. SEC contributes her knowledge, extensive know-how and strong performance power to all projects.

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