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To guarantee a safe operation, adhesive residues need to be removed from stators in certain intervals. In general the process of cleaning depends on the consistence of the bonding-medium used. Please follow in detail the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of your dosing-system. The following applies in general:

You need:

  • Safety gloves and protective eyewear
  • Nozzle brush with plastic-coated fixing wire
  • Cleaning solution (e.g. alcohol, isopropanol or cellulose thinner)
  • Neutral cleaning liquid
  • Container for cleaning solution and neutral cleaning liquid


  • Disassemble the adjustment screws of the dispenser
  • Uncouple the driving unit from the dosing unit
  • Unscrew the screws of the dosing unit
  • Pull out the dispenser-housing from the module
  • Now unscrew the union nut and pull out the end-piece
  • Then pull out the stator from the dispenser-housing
  • Unscrew the ventilation screw

The stator is now ready for cleaning!


  • Moisten the stator with the cleaning solution
  • Cleanse the stator with the nozzle brush, by moving it approximately 10x back and forth
  • Moisten the stator again and repeat the process
  • Let the stator dry on a cloth
  • After cleaning, apply the neutral cleaning liquid and rinse the stator well within it
  • Dry the VISEC-stator carefully with a cloth

Now the stator is ready for use again!

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